Hartas & Craig is a specialist creative recruitment agency, deeply connected with the creative community in Australia and overseas. Our focus is fostering creative careers, helping to grow the two most valuable assets of any business: the people and culture.

Whether it’s a one-off project or a full-time role, we help agencies and creative talent find each other. We pride ourselves on being fair, honest and ethical throughout the process.

The secret of our success is that we look for specifics: the right skills, experience, personality and cultural fit. We genuinely care about relationships. It’s about quality, not quantity.

Our experience within the creative industry is unparalleled. So when we say we understand, we mean it. Just like the industry and its top people, we constantly evolve to be the best we can be. We love what we do and our results speak for themselves.



Hartas & Craig is all about integrity, relationships and trust. To build that relationship and trust we'll meet with you.

We'll listen, ask questions, and challenge your creative values. Our aim is to fully understand your ambitions and aspirations. Working together, we'll be creative, bold and help you progress your career.

Respecting your professional and creative wisdom, we'll keep you informed at every step of the journey.

We'll only suggest opportunities that we believe are the right creative and cultural fit for you. In pursuit of that perfect fit, we'll be proactive, push boundaries, go further and deliver beyond traditional recruitment.

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Our business is based on fairness, honesty and integrity. You can trust us to push boundaries, to exceed expectations and deliver.

To build that trusting relationship, we’ll always ask to meet you. We’ll listen, question, and challenge your perceptions.

We think globally in all our pursuits, and in our pursuit of the right clients and candidates.

Only once we have a complete understanding of your needs will we introduce people to you. We know your time is truly valuable so we only send you relevant resumes. Less is more, and being selective is an art form.

It’s how we’ve built our reputation for going beyond traditional recruitment. Just as we will do for you.



Corinna & Annabel always deliver with someone particularly good. Dependability makes one's life so much more pleasant.

Corinna and Annabel from Hartas & Craig are one of a kind. Their understanding of strategy, digital and creative is second to none. When you spend most if not all of your time work, where and who you spend it with is so important. Corinna and Annabel understand the pressures that come with working in the creative world and worked tirelessly to find not only a place where I could do my best work, but where I would also have a good time in the process.

With an incredible sense of creativity, self, and others, Corinna has a real knack for understanding people. As a candidate, Corinna sparks comfortable conversations allowing creatives to openly divulge their qualities, abilities and desires. It was honestly the most enlightening and engaging conversation I've experienced with a recruiter. Able to align the right business with the right people, Corinna is quite simply a genuinely lovely person to liaise with.

I've known Corinna for over 12 years now. And I've had the pleasure of also working with Annabel over the last 6 months. In all that time, Hartas & Craig have never let me down. Back in 2011, Corinna helped me land a job at a big Sydney agency. 9 years on and I was still there — I loved it and didn't want to leave. Recently, they helped me find a longterm freelance position during the turmoil of COVID. What I like about them is they look for the right person for the job. Sounds obvious but not many recruiters do that well. They get to know you and understand your background, personality and strengths. So when you're placed somewhere, you're actually set up for success. Plus they don't set and forget. It feels like a partnership, not a one—off interaction. They're also a lovely duo and extremely easy to deal with. The fact that they're still the only recruiter I go with says everything.

In the craziness of our world it's nice that someone gets us and our vibe. Over the last 15 years Corinna and Annabel have introduced us to some amazing creative talent that have been such a great fit that they are still with us today. Honest, passionate and caring, Corinna and Annabel understand our needs and go above and beyond to find the perfect people.

Hartas & Craig approach each placement with both parties' interests at heart. Their value is the magic that happens when the right people are in the right place.